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Western Australia’s first steel mill forges ahead

Green Steel of WA is forging ahead with a project to construct a green steel recycling mill, with the submission of a works approval this week.

This milestone marks the completion of all primary project approval submissions, paving the way to a final investment decision for the project this calendar year, with operations slated to commence in 2026.

The project, estimated at $500 million, represents a significant leap toward establishing a sustainable steel industry for the state.

The Collie mill would not only be Australia’s first green steel mill but also the country’s first entirely new steel mill in over three decades, a landmark project for Australian steelmaking.

Located near the town of Collie, the project would produce 450,000 tonnes of green steel each year and is expected to generate up to 500 jobs during the construction phase and a further 200 highly skilled, long-term positions for local workers most impacted by the energy transition.

Powered by renewable energy, the Collie mill makes use of the latest in Danieli advanced, clean steelmaking technology, resulting in minimal emissions and environmental impact. The plant is expected to be the cleanest and most efficient mill in Australia.

The plant’s operations will usher in a circular economy for steel in Western Australia by converting 500,000 tonnes of locally sourced scrap steel, currently exported for processing, into low-carbon rebar.

Green Steel WA has been working closely with local government and statement agencies to secure timely project approvals.

The project feasibility study is made possible with support from the WA Government, following a $2.7 million commitment from the Collie Industry Attraction and Development Fund, which supports proposals that develop new or expand existing industries in Collie.