Mid West Hydrogen DRI Plant

The key to unlocking Western Australia’s true green steel and green hydrogen industries

FID 2025, Operational 2028

Hydrogen Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Plant

Green Steel’s green hydrogen direct-reduced iron (DRI) mill in WA’s Mid West will convert Western Australian iron ore using green hydrogen to produce green DRI for export.

The plant is based on the world’s most advanced, commercially proven hydrogen DRI technology which can operate on both green hydrogen as well as natural gas.

The Danieli EnergironTM direct reduced iron (DRI) process is the only DRI technology that can seamlessly transition between using reformed hydrogen made using natural gas and green hydrogen to make DRI.

The plant will begin operations on natural gas (producing just 30% of the CO2 of a conventional blast furnace) and transition to green hydrogen as supplies become available, breaking the “chicken and egg” problem that many hydrogen projects face today

With an expected green H2 demand of 140,000 tonnes per year, Green Steel’s Mid West plant is the key to unlocking WA’s green hydrogen industry.

The project is expected to take a final investment decision in late 2025 with operations beginning in 2028.

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Project at a glance


Hydrogen Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) Plant


Commercially proven (at scale) proprietary H2 DRI Technology - able to operate on natural gas and seamlessly transition to green hydrogen



CO2 emissions abated

Up to 4 million tonnes per year

Investment size

$1.5 billion

Feedstock source

Western Australian Iron Ore

Electricity source

Renewable electricity

Product type

Direct Reduced Iron for export