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Green Steel of WA is a 100% Western Australian company with the goal of creating a sustainable steel manufacturing industry for Western Australia.

Green Steel of WA aims to bring true green steel manufacturing to Western Australia in an environmentally sustainable way. A number of trends support Green Steel of WA’s aim including decarbonization/reduced acceptability of existing carbon emissions, increasing availability of scrap steel (especially in countries that have urbanized with steady populations), rapidly reducing renewable energy costs, and emerging technologies that will compete; CCS for blast furnaces, versus hydrogen DRI as the key technology battle.

The company is in the process of developing two projects in Western Australia. The first is a green steel recycling mill using renewable energy in the South West of WA and the second is a green hydrogen-powered facility to produce green steel from iron ore in the Mid-West of WA.

Green Steel of WA is a part-owned subsidiary of Carbon Transition Pathways (Carbon TP) who has entered into a partnership between individuals with strong knowledge and capability in the steel-making, renewable energy and project and program management sector. The company was established in 2022 to develop Western Australia's green steel-making capability taking advantage of WA’s vast renewable energy resources and emerging technologies in steel-making.

Our purpose

Our purpose is to create a sustainable steel manufacturing industry for Western Australia.

We believe that the global transition to green steel presents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for Western Australia as we truly believe that WA is the best place in the world to produce green steel, a goal that we are 100% committed to achieving.

We are not burdened by having to choose between WA and other states, countries, commodities and industries.


We believe that the only way to achieve this is through industry and government collaboration.

We understand how to and have a proven track record of bringing like minded people and organisations together to achieve a common goal.

We also believe that the opportunity for our state is so large that there would be no losers if we all work together.

Our three-step strategy to create a sustainable steel industry for WA

Deploying globally proven technology to launch WA’s green steel and hydrogen industries.

Collaborating to unlock WA's full green steel and iron potential.

Prove that WA can produce steel

Starting with a 450kTPA green steel recycling mill in Collie, WA

FID late 2024, operational 2026

First steel mill in WA

Build the skills and capabilities and a circular economy for steel in WA

Supporting Collie Just Transition

1000+ jobs, $400M economic contribution

Kick-start WA green steel and hydrogen

2.5MTPA green DRI plant in WA's Mid-West

Operational 2028/29

First DRI plant in Australia

Provide demand certainty for Mid-West hydrogen developers

Create a Mid-West green H2 and steel hub

1000+ jobs, $2.5B economic contribution

Decarbonise the Pilbara

Hundreds of millions of tonnes of Pilbara Green Steel


$400B opportunity creating tens of thousands of jobs

While preventing over 1 billion tonnes of CO2  emissions each year (~2% of global)

Meet the Team


Azlan Ho

Managing Director

Project development and delivery professional with more than 20 years of experience in study, project, program and operations management spanning mining and metals, chemicals and energy.


Bob Cowan

Director/Chief Commercial Officer

More than 30 years of commercial, operational, supply chain, project and engineering management experience in the oil, gas, power and renewable energy industries.


Don Johnston

Non-Executive Director

More than 20 years experience as an advisor and a senior executive in energy and infrastructure. Don’s background in corporate and energy strategy brings a sharp strategic, yet practical mindset to the team.


Raj Aggarwal

Non-Executive Director

Experience public and private proponents developing renewable energy strategy and financing large-scale projects  including solar, wind, biomass and waste-to-energy, as well as complex investment/commercial analysis in the oil and gas industry.


Michael Harrison

Chief Legal Counsel

Senior energy, resources and infrastructure partner at various law firms with extensive experience across energy, resources and infrastructure projects and transactions across Asia Pacific.


Max Güldenpfennig

Project Engineering Manager

Chartered electrical engineer with experience across project feasibility, detailed design, construction and commissioning and a record of driving successful technical outcomes.


Very Lim

Commercial and Approvals Manager

More than 10 years experience in local and state government project management specialising in building construction.


Sarah Stanley

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

More than 15 years experience in stakeholder and community relations, as well as leadership roles in local government, community and private sector boards.

Martin Lee

Martin Lee


Extensive commercial experience in oil and gas exploration and development projects, M&A, business development and corporate strategy.


Deirdre Clyne


Extensive experience in the commercial analysis of oil and gas exploration and development projects, including LNG, M&A valuations and international fiscal contracts.


Mark Thompson


25 years experience in the oil and gas, process industry and consulting sectors, working in transformational change and operational efficiency programs for top-tier clients in the oil gas and other industrial sectors.


Gorakh Sawant


Gorakh has an engineering background with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. He also has a strong interest in the fields of mining, green energy, manufacturing and water systems.

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