GSWA Collie Site

Site secured for flagship green steel mill in Collie

Following the recent award of a $2.7 million grant from the WA Government, we are pleased to announce that GSWA has taken another significant step forward by securing a site for its flagship 400,000 tonne-per-year green steel mill in Collie.

The site, located adjacent to the Coolangatta Industrial Estate, just outside the town of Collie in Western Australia was chosen for its proximity to road, rail and high voltage electrical infrastructure (with access to zero carbon energy). These attributes, combined with Collie’s highly skilled industrial workforce and Collie’s Transition make it the ideal location for the plant.

Additionally, the plant will create around 200 new, local, high-quality blue-collar jobs in the Collie region.

This is a significant milestone in the development for Australia’s first green steel mill with the project expected to progress to execution in 2024.